Brightspace by D2L

Here’s Why You Should Use Brightspace?

  • Ranked #1 LMS for innovation and next-gen learning and teaching.

  • Easy to use and intuitive interface

  • Quick deployment and extremely flexible

  • Smart product design that tracks user-analytics and offer valuable insights

  • Cloud-based hosting offers easy access from any device

  • Pre-built tools and apps from Dropbox, Google, Microsoft and much more.

  • Reach out for pilot.

The education sector is evolving by leaps and bounds and students expect a world-class learning environment and easy access to lessons. With the Brightspace Learning Management System, you get a cloud-based product that offers a collaborative learning platform for students and teachers and also lets you track user behaviour. Ingegno Transmedia is the authorized partner for Brightspace in India.


Brightspace is the 1st choice LMS in most of the leading universities and colleges in North America and is used by over a million students globally. The key qualities of Brightspace are embodied in the phrase – ‘easy, flexible and smart’.

Edtech should help connect students and teachers with ease and enable the fast and proper dissemination of knowledge. Brightspace is designed to help both students and teachers to learn and teach with ease. As more institutions look to move from a free and limited feature-based LMS to a proper full-function, feature-rich LMS, we would like to recommend Brightspace!

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