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E-learning is now used to deliver all types of training. Research demonstrates that using e-learning can be a powerful strategy for influencing behavioral change and instilling an organization’s cultural norms. Rather than page after page of text and images, courses that are interweaved in the content, enhancing learner engagement by focusing on a challenge that incorporates the learning objectives.

In the corporate learning environment, the facilitator is not always the expert or only source of information and knowledge. The participants are and should be a great resource of information and experience. Ingegno uses multiple approaches that allow participants to access learning in a variety of formats that help them use their face-to-face time for conversation and information-sharing.

Ingegno offers custom learning solutions for the following:

Product Knowledge Training

Product knowledge training is mainly aimed at sales people who are required to know the product inside out in order to be able to sell it to the customer. This helps sales professionals focus on product’s features and benefits, and how these benefits can solve the customers’ needs. Today organizations have started offering eLearning to customers in addition to employees, reasoning that proper training will enable a customer to take full advantage of the product, gain maximum satisfaction from using the product, which in turn can ensure referrals and repeat business.

Software Application Training

Today a majority of organizations use software for all operations. They rely on software programs to plan work, communicate, keep track of inventories, maintain accounting records, and perform many other tasks. We help organizations in building courses to train resources on how to use software effectively and efficiently. Ingegno builds simulated eLearning courses for software applications and enterprise platforms that enable organizations train their employees in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

Compliance Training

Global organizations have challenges with ensuring that the workforce meets various local and international compliance requirements. Compliance training helps employees understand the legal boundaries within which an organization operates. Compliance training is a key priority for any global organization as it helps meet the legal obligations and standards. Inadequate compliance training often results in hefty fines and negative public perception in addition to low employee morale and high turnover. Ingegno helps in designing effective compliance training for organizations to ensure that each employee understands the importance of compliances and their applications and outcomes.

Organizational Development Training

An organizations success depends on employee’s ability to perform tasks, provide customer service, and manage operations. It’s very common for employees to have varying levels of skills and knowledge. Typically, the more senior employees who have been of the job for a long time are more knowledgeable than the newer employees. Ingegno designs solutions that preserve the institutional knowledge and deliver it effectively across the workforce.

Our Solutions

  • Instructional Design

  1. Training Needs Analysis

  2. Competency Mapping

  3. Job Task Analysis

  4. Content review and analysis

  5. Storyboarding

  • Custom eLearning Solutions

  • Rapid Learning Solutions

  • Instructor Led Learning Solutions

  1. Development of training material

  2. Instructor guides, student handouts, manuals Q&As

  3. Impactful content through videos, interactive graphics, presentations

  • Social Learning Solutions

  • Adaptive Learning Solutions


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