Learning Services

We design eLearning solutions that put the learners’ needs first. We help create eLearning courses that add value to the learner and are not just random off-the-shelf courses. With a team of skilled instructional designers and a talented development team, we can create customized eLearning courses designed as per your needs and to meet the stipulated learning outcomes. With thorough expertise in standards like xAPI and SCORM; you can rest assured that our eLearning meets all industry standards.

Our Areas of Expertise

Why should you choose to work with us? Well here are some points for you to consider:

  • A core team of experts with a combined work experience of nearly 300 years!

  • Successful completion of projects for pharmaceuticals, publishing and public-sector clients globally.

  • Proven track-record in creating ‘Just-in- Time’ and ‘Mobile Learning’ solutions.

  • Skilled team, empowered with the latest technology to deliver customer delight.

  • Dedicated Program Manager to help you with all your project deliverables.

  • Offices around the world.

Elegantly designed, learner-centric adaptive learning courses that are tailored to your specific requirements. Experiential Learning is our hallmark and every learning solution that we create offers a rewarding and immersive learner experience.

Learning is now social! Courses that run on your intranet or corporate social network allowing your employees to challenge and tag each other to complete courses. Also, opportunities to share learning progress on external social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Mobile Learning Solutions

Specialized learning content, created to be accessed via mobile phones and tablet devices for ease of learning! Bite-sized learning courses designed for ‘on-the-go learning’ that can be accessed anywhere, anytime with ease.

Adaptive Learning
Social Learning Solutions

Did you know that over 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day and over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute? A clear indication of how videos are turning out to be effective learning tools as demonstrated by the Khan Academy and TED-Ed. Explore videos as a learning medium; we can help you create animated videos and videos starring real people to present learning capsules that can be accessed on the go.

Mobile and Just-in-Time Learning Solutions

Research shows that nearly 70% of all learning solutions are being accessed via smartphones and tablet devices. The mobile phone is the new classroom and we can help create specialized learning content for mobile phones and tablet devices. We also specialize in creating bite-sized and just-in-time learning solutions designed for ‘on-the-go learning’.

Video-Based Learning Capsules
Game-Based Learning

Research shows that game-based learning has a higher completion rate and helps learners understand concepts better. We can create customized game-based and simulation-based learning solutions as per your needs.

Developing Assessments

The efficacy of an eLearning course can be determined by the assessments built into it to test the learner. Need help with creating proper assessments for your eLearning? We can help you build assessments that test the learner and help them learn better.

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