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Research has proven that learning technology enhancements improve performance, employee retention, learning retention, employee engagement and behavior change. In many cases these can even help eliminate the gender leadership gap.

With Ingegno as your learning technology partner, you do not have to worry about getting in touch with two different providers for your content requirements and learning technology requirements. We offer you the perfect balance of content services and learning technologies. We offer LMS deployment and support across global learning management platforms and also help in integration with enterprise HRMS platforms. We are also experienced in creating apps specific to the delivery of learning solutions and have helped in creating customized solutions for organizations.

Areas of Expertise

LMS Solutions

We can set up an LMS at your organization based on your requirements with ease. Choose from a wide variety of options. Unlike other organizations we don’t just offer one LMS. Choose the LMS that best meets your needs and we can help with ensuring it meets your organizational objectives.

  • Upgrading Existing LMS - Plan to migrate from an existing platform? We offer complete guidance and support to overhaul your system and move to a brand new LMS of your choice!

  • Consulting on LMS Implementation - A robust LMS can do wonders for large enterprises. We can assist you across areas starting from identification of the right solution to implementation and deployment.

  • Cloud-based and on-site LMS Deployment - The conflict between on-server security and security on the cloud will never end. The fact remains that a lot of organizations have moved to hosting learning services and data on the cloud to cut down on rising infrastructure costs. Whether you wish to remain on the cloud or host your LMS on your premises on your own servers; we can help you deploy the LMS with ease.

  • Core strengths in Totara Learn, SABA and Brightspace by D2L - LMS expertise across different products like Totara Learn, SABA and Brightspace by D2L.

Mobile Learning Solutions

Using a smartphone has many benefits for both the learner and the organization. Accessing content on a mobile device is convenient for the learner because, for better or worse, our cell phones or tablets are with many of us at all times. With mobile learning, the user is in the driver’s seat when it comes to the best time and place to engage in professional development.

This method also allows for microlearning – short, daily learning that helps reinforce behaviors or skills. This leads to higher success. For those with busy or unpredictable schedules (everyone) or highly active roles, such as sales professionals, mobile learning allows flexible access to different methods of delivery, such as podcasts or YouTube videos, at their convenience.

Game Based Learning Technologies

Gamification is an approach that gives learners the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real-life situations through a creative, productive and engaging experience. Because learners feel like they are playing a game, this model increases user engagement and information retention. Ingegno can develop simulations around any subject and adapt them for the skill level of the learner. By enabling users to apply their understanding of difficult concepts or test their knowledge, gamification can achieve comprehension in a less formal approach.

Ingegno delivers gamification solutions that can be used in face-to-face training as well to simulate complex issues that teams must solve collaboratively or to prepare for crisis situations in a controlled environment. Gamification helps learners receive immediate feedback on their choices, which helps reinforce the new knowledge or skills that change behavior. With our global partners Ingegno strives to help organizations enable and enhance the skills of their global workforce.

Artificial Intelligence and Bots

Chatbots are conversational interfaces powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Ingegno helps organizations with chatbots that can conduct quizzes to detect employees’ progress after a training, deliver learning practice and assessments, and perform a skills gap analysis to roll out questions in manageable chunks and offer feedback. We also facilitate bite sized learning through our chatbots. 

Using AI provides insights based on a large amount of data, this facilitates the creation of customized learning. By providing a better understanding of learner behaviors and predicting needs, AI recommends and positions content for the learner’s specific gaps.

To know more about our offerings please reach out to us sales@ingegno.in 

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