Managed Learning Solutions

Ingegno has proven experience in the outsourced management of training activities and/or processes. Some of the benefits of using our managed learning services are:

  • Significant cost savings through simplified procurement and planning

  • Absolute control over training and learning activities

  • Clear metrics for understanding of RoI and other organizational objectives

  • L & D staff have more time to focus on OD

  • Access to meaningful data and insights

  • The ability to benchmark performance

As a partner we help with the following aspects:

Optimize Learning Delivery

Implementing the right learning for the right people, on a restricted budget, is a significant challenge for every organization. We ensure that your employees adopt blended learning and use the resources available effectively.

Creating a personalized learner experience

We create and deliver learning that is easily accessible, engaging and rewarding. We help in creating personalized learner journeys with the help of tried-and-tested learning assets that are designed to achieve a specific goal. We also help in creating customized cohorts and communities.

Adding flexibility to global L&D teams

The ability to manage fluctuations in the demand for training, without having a fixed cost base of full-time training staff (and the associated administrative systems), is a major attraction of our managed learning services. As an operational expense, it enables organizations to plan for and deal with fluctuating levels of demand.

Creating and sustaining the impact of learning

Blending learning and sustaining its impact are important challenges for organizations. We assist by helping to create communities – in which people support and challenge each other – to extend the learning experience.

Deliver meaningful data and intelligence

The quality of data provided through our service gives every partner organization an indication of their learning progress right to the level of each activity performed by a learner. This benefit goes beyond tracking usage volumes, cost savings and evaluation scores. We help in analyzing learner demographics and demonstrating evidence of how learning programs impact operational performance.

Ensuring the right mix of outsourcing

We understand that the key to the success of outsourcing is determining early in the process if you have the backing and commitment from key stakeholders as well as the available resources for a successful implementation. Ingegno works with organizations in determining objectives, scoping requirements and ultimately in choice of the right partners from a pool of global players.

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